Finally Having Time to Travel

Reviews, Travelogues and Travel Insights from a pair of semi-retired, Charleston grandparents.


Lydia and Mike Pontius

So we're entering our "golden years" - semi-retired, living in one of the best cities on the planet - Charleston - but with a real desire to see the world on our terms. We don't have a big travel budget so we're leveraging what we have to spend as much time traveling as we can afford.


Our Journeys

It's not that we haven't done a fair amount of traveling over the last 25 years. We've been to Australia, Singapore and Taiwan, for instance, but those trips were either family or work related. We've been to the Yucatan namy times, but mostly for business. Now we're going by and for ourselves.


Though we're not certified "foodies" living in Charleston, and San Francisco before that, has given us relatively discerning palettes. But more important, is our desire at home and abroad to seek out restaurants that share in our farm to table spirit.


Gone are the days when your lodging options began and ended with a resort hotel.  Today we find accommodations in hotels, condos, people's homes, even tree houses and tents. While our tastes don't run to rustic, we are fond of AirBnB and other less crowded options.


We all have different interests, and that's the quality that makes travel sites personally appealing. If your tastes run to museums and coffee shops, you probably won't be following our adventures. But if you're active, water oriented and enjoy getting to know the locals. Give us a try.