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Stuck in quicksand

That is how my life feels right now. If I struggle to try and change things it seems that I just sink deeper. Deeper into despair, deeper into a quagmire. They say when sinking in the quicksand the only thing to do is lay back and don’t fight it.


We’re moving to mexico,
God willing

A couple of weeks after we arrived, a friend notified us that we were about to be fined by our HOA back in Mount Pleasant. First Maya died, freeing us to ponder major changes. Then this. Maybe it was time to move to Mexico.


On the road: Oaxaca

We were in Oaxaca for five days, more than enough time in my book. My highlight was the day we hired a guide to take us into the hinterlands. We drove east into the mountains. Our first stop was a small town not far from Oaxaca named Santa Maria del Tule.


Our Adventures

mexico 2019

We’re heading off on a trip of a lifetime. Join us as we drive south and west from Charleston on a three-month exploration of Mexico.

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Mike and lydia pontius

We met in the Bay Area almost 28 years ago. It was one of those first meeting stories that becomes a repeat cocktail party hit - part funny, part shocking and all very romantic. We were inseparable for six weeks, then hundreds of miles apart for 2 months, followed by a proposal on Halloween, a wedding in January and "the cat's honeymoon," all in a courtship period of 6 months. We made it across country years ago, after spending a year on a sailboat and having reduced our material possessions to what would fit in the trunk of a small BWM.

Mike’s Journal

We’re trying something a little different: an event related journal. The first installment covers the summer of 2019, the season for selling our house on our way to permanent residence in Mexico. Please enjoy.

Our retirement gig

Now we live across the river from Charleston, our favorite American City, with more "stuff" - especially inherited furniture - than we can count . Yet somehow we made it to retirement? Pretty cool since neither of us took the traditional career route to get here. So we decided to write about ourselves - at least our grand kids may be interested - and our travels. We don't do much of anything in a "traditional" way, including seeing the world. But we hope that you'll find our somewhat spontaneous approach to life and travel entertaining, if not a little inspiring.