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Living on the edge or in limbo

Mike and I have always been the kind of people who have embraced life and not been afraid to live on the edge. We, unlike a lot of people, love change and find it exhilarating. When we were planning our trip to Mexico for 3 months we were not really looking to move there.


cruising the caribbean with calypso

Taking a few minutes this morning to think back on our 3 month journey through Mexico. There were so many highlights and so many amazing experiences that it is hard to pick a top 20, but not hard to pick the top 1.


On the road: Oaxaca

We were in Oaxaca for five days, more than enough time in my book. My highlight was the day we hired a guide to take us into the hinterlands. We drove east into the mountains. Our first stop was a small town not far from Oaxaca named Santa Maria del Tule.


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mexico 2019

We’re heading off on a trip of a lifetime. Join us as we drive south and west from Charleston on a three-month exploration of Mexico.

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Mike and lydia pontius

We met in the Bay Area almost 28 years ago. It was one of those first meeting stories that becomes a repeat cocktail party hit - part funny, part shocking and all very romantic. We were inseparable for six weeks, then hundreds of miles apart for 2 months, followed by a proposal on Halloween, a wedding in January and "the cat's honeymoon," all in a courtship period of 6 months. We made it across country years ago, after spending a year on a sailboat and having reduced our material possessions to what would fit in the trunk of a small BWM.

Our retirement gig

Now we live across the river from Charleston, our favorite American City, with more "stuff" - especially inherited furniture - than we can count . Yet somehow we made it to retirement? Pretty cool since neither of us took the traditional career route to get here. So we decided to write about ourselves - at least our grand kids may be interested - and our travels. We don't do much of anything in a "traditional" way, including seeing the world. But we hope that you'll find our somewhat spontaneous approach to life and travel entertaining, if not a little inspiring.