Restaurant Reviews

Where ever we go food is a big part of our life whether it is traveling abroad or enjoying the local cuisine. Select your destination to learn what we thought a various restaurants.


NO, Mexican cuisine is not limited to tacos and burritos! Food is an intricate part of the Mexican culture and its flavors are vast and unique. I start salivating just thinking of my next trip.



We live in one of the greatest foodie places in the world!  And we take advantage of that as often as we can from Happy Hours, Brunches and Breakfast to Dinner, we have done it all and have no plans to stop!


Italy, who can think of this place without thinking food and wine? We had the pleasure of eating our way from the southwestern coast to the northern east coast and every bite was incredible.

French Polynesia

We found the food in the Society Islands to be fresh, simple and, not surprisingly, French. Unfortunately, our opportunities to sample local cuisine were limited because we are aboard the Windspirit for most of our meals.

Caribbean Islands

When I think Caribbean Cuisine I think fresh aromatic spices and rum!  Seafood reigns supreme on all of these enticing islands.  Add the incredible chefs on the Wind Star and we have had amazing meals in the Caribbean.

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Mainland U.S.

We eat at restaurants wherever we go, in the US and abroad. We try to review those establishments and we think our readers might find enjoyable.