Tattooed Moose in Charleston

The Tattooed Moose has two locations, one on John’s Island and the other on Morrison Drive in Charleston.  We visited the latter which is the original location.  Being locals we have a hard time keeping up with all the great restaurants.  We had heard about the Tattooed Moose for the longest time and had never heard a bad review. 

After playing tourist for the day with family we decided to stop and give it a try.  It was wonderful.  Very casual, so the fact that we had been walking all over didn’t bother us a bit.  It has a wonderful eclectic décor and laid-back atmosphere.  There is seating both inside and out.  With an extensive beer menu and great food you really can’t go wrong. 

We all chose different sandwiches all of which were amazing, and we split the fries which were absolutely to die for.  If I don’t go there often it will because those fries could be the death of me, they are fried in duck fat, covered with blue cheese fondue sauce with a bulb of slow roasted garlic confit. I have always said if I knew it was going to be my last meal I would want fries as my side and now I know exactly which fries. 

With all the great food in Charleston the one thing that is most difficult to find is a really good Rueben.  Tattooed Moose has come as close to what I have been in search of.  The chicken salad was wonderfully savory, something that can be hard to find in the South, specialty grilled cheese sandwich with pork belly was comfortably decadent.  Top these sandwiches off with a cold draft beer and we had the end to a perfect day. 


Mike Pontius