Mexico Trip: November 2016

We recently took a trip to Mexico.  It was a transitional trip, we were wrapping up our years of running our website  We had people we wanted to say good-bye to and a few places we wanted to revisit as we moved on to our newest endeavor, Just Imagine Vacations – blog and travel website.  Just Imagine Vacations, Inc. is not a new corporation but we are also transitioning it from a very small group travel business to a travel writing outlet.  We approached our trip with a bittersweet anticipation, sad to say good-bye but ready for change.  What we experienced was a renewed love for Mexico.  Sometimes you need to step away and be prepared to walk away to get the true picture. 

Our trip began unlike our numerous trips in the past, dating back to 1998, we landed in Cancun airport, picked up our rental car and headed south.  What was different was we were approaching this trip without any stress of work that had to be done or deadlines that had to be met.  And I must say that is the ONLY way one should approach a trip to Mexico! 

Our first stop was Valladolid, a lovely Colonial city that we have visited on several occasions.  What was different was the route we took.  We chose to take the Ruta de Cenotes, a less traveled, less congested way.  It was a great choice because immediately we started commenting on how the road reminded us of what 307 was like when we first started to travel it.  Hunger got the best of us and we stopped for a bite at a very small town where a young woman was selling homemade food with one plastic folding table and a few plastic chairs.  Yes! I will eat street food and love it!  We had a local tamale which were nothing like any we have ever had before, it easily fed both of us and we shared a ??? as well. The tamale was gelatinous in texture but the flavor was amazing.  Price with tip?  $2.00 US fed both of us.  Yup, this trip was looking better with each moment. 

We will be sharing many reviews and tales from this trip but here is a brief summary.  We checked into a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Valladolid, which you can find on the internet or on Airbnb, Casa San Roque.  We spent two nights here and ate, drank, explored Valladolid as well as visited Ek Balam and several cenotes nearby. 

Heading south, again on less traveled roads, we spent two nights at Aires in Bacalar, where we had a fabulous time on Laguna Bacalar, known for its seven shades of blue.  I had been to Bacalar several times but this time I got to play tourist and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Heading north on our familiar 307 we returned to our beloved Akumal.  In all the years we have traveled to Akumal it has never been as a tourist. I have brought film crews, worked for clients, done spay and neutering clinics, led groups and worked sac-be, but never have I taken my own advice and relaxed and enjoyed the area.  Needless to say what a pleasant surprise. 

A few days in and we were off to Macario Gomez to visit friends who own La Selva Mariposa.  We started this part of the trip with a visit to Xenses – an amazing new adventure park.  Rooftop Jacuzzi amongst the trees was a perfect end to the day.  Next morning we were off to Coba and lunch with friends on Tulum Beach. 

After two nights in the jungle we headed back to Akumal for the end of our trip – sunset cruise, meals on the beach, a beach chair under a palapa, walks on the beach and quality time with friends – oh and a totally new experience – naps!  Needless to say we are back in love with Mexico and this will NOT be our last visit!  Stay tuned for reviews from this great 2 week adventure, not to a new place but with new eyes!

Lydia Pontius