Yo Soy Maya Alux

Hi!  Hola!

I’m Maya Alux

Yo Soy Maya Alux

I’m from Mexico

I am mostly a Coated Xoloitzcuintli, a breed they call Xolo (sholo) for short.

I was named Maya Alux after the Mayan’s small, magical shape-changer creatures. 

I prefer the life of a dog, however.

I was rescued in a town called Akumal, which means home of the turtle

I have lived 11 years, that’s 77 in the life of a human, and for much of my life I have used my magical powers to fight off cancer.  I’m a survivor

This year I am going on a big adventure.

We are driving all the way from South Caroline, where I have lived since I was a puppy

To Akumal where I was born.

Join me on my travels –

Follow Maya in A Mini Goes to Mexico.

Lydia Pontius