Mike’s Diary

I’m starting this diary feature for a few reasons: first, I want something that will force me to write every day otherwise procrastination gets the best of me; second, we are at a transitioning point in our lives and moving farther away from family, hopefully this will give them, especially the grandkids as they get older, some insight into our thoughts and actions at this time; finally, what we’re going through, though far from unique, is, if I record it properly, a pretty good story. I promise not to stray too far in the weeds when it comes to thoughts and activities. No one needs to know what I had for breakfast or what I wore to dinner. So enjoy, and don’t hesitate to give me your feedback.

By the way, the platform we’re using for this site doesn’t really have a diary layout, so my plan is to create a blog for each month. Hopefully I won’t be too verbose.