Smoke in Mount Pleasant

Smoke BBQ and Kitchen, in the center of the newly vibrant Coleman Blvd. in Mt Pleasant, is a fabulous bar/ restaurant.  We went because we heard it was popular with NY Giants Fans, and after all these years we wanted to watch our games with other Giants Fans.  I have to say, not being a fan of smoked foods, I was hesitant to go but they won me over.  I only wish our team was doing as well as the Smoke’s team is.

Smoke BBQ has indoor and outdoor seating.  They have plenty of TVs so if you are going for games you won’t be disappointed.  The staff is professional and pleasant, creating a Cheers type atmosphere. 

Their Bloody Mary’s, with a little extra horseradish and rimmed with their smoke seasoning, is the perfect start to their football cuisine.  They also have a nice variety of beers on tap which they rotate regularly. 

The first time we went to Smoke I had the Rueben with fries which was delicious. I found it a little light on the pastrami; they may want to go across the street to Mozzo to see how New Yorkers expect their pastrami to be piled on.  I was told on this last visit that the size of the Rueben does vary depending on the cook, admittedly something they know they need to work on.  That said, it was plenty filling and incredibly moist and delicious.  Mike had the ribs with mac and cheese, which he said were some of the best ribs he had ever tasted, fall-off-th- bone tender and rich with smoky flavor.

This last visit we decided to go for several small plates.  We shared 2 carnitas tacos with Smoke slaw.  They were incredibly juicy and there was plenty of meat in each taco.  We also had the pimento cheese with pork rinds that were dusted with Smoke Seasoning.  This may be the only way I will ever be able to eat pimento cheese again. That said, I am saving the best for last, the wings.  Crispy but moist, flavorful and exceedingly tender.  Hands down the best wings I can remember!  I prefer a traditional blue cheese dip, but I will happily eat them with Smoke’s dips. 

Our team may be having a bad season but we scored finding Smoke’s BBQ!  

Lydia Pontius