Annie's in Mount Pleasant

It used to be that you had to drive into Charleston to find really good restaurants but that is no longer the case. If you live East of the Cooper in Mt Pleasant, you can now find countless places to eat.  What we love most about Annie’s is its size and the fact it is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Carole and Mark, and that they use only fresh, locally grown produce.  You won’t find anything pre-packaged there. 

When you enter this tiny bistro you immediately feel like you have been transported to another place and time.  We have never been to Paris, but this is what we envision it to be.  It has become one of our “go-to” places, whether we want a drink at happy hour or a scrumptious dinner last minute.  They recently started offering a Happy Hour and did away with lunch.  It is a great spot to wind down after a busy day.  One of our favorite things to do is to sit at the bar and have a glass of wine, charcuterie platter, assorted cheese and the best baked baguette. The charcuterie and cheeses are all picked by Carole and you won’t be disappointed by any of her selections.

Some of our other favorites are the French Onion soup (be patient because it comes piping hot) with a slice of the best baguette and covered with a thick layer of gruyere cheese. The escargot are excellent, swimming in an amazing garlicky sauce that will have you eating way too much of her soft in the middle crisp crusted French baguette. 

When we used to go for lunch, Carole made a sandwich with pate’ that was amazing; that same pate is available as an appetizer with, you guessed it, slices of her baguette.  Are you noticing a running theme here?  

Looking for more?  Any number of her hearty entrees are sure to please. If the local shrimp and gnocchi is on the menu be sure to give it a try. No matter what you are hungry for you will find something to catch your fancy. The menu may vary but it will always have something from every type of protein, whether you want fish, poultry or meat.  Go give it a try and you will go back for the atmosphere as well as the food.  Annie’s has a calm, intimate vibe.  We love family restaurants, don’t get us wrong, but for those times you want a place you can relax, savor your meal and have an adult conversation in a peaceful setting this is you place.

Lydia Pontius